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Blash is a blog engine (mostly) written in bash.

Blash is a blog engine (mostly) written in bash.

Blash is not only a simple Blog generator, but also a powerfull tool to create complex sites with its template engine.
As the generated site is purely static, you could publish it where ever you want.

Some examples of sites generated by Blash :


This software is a fork on the modification I did on baker made by taylorchu. The original version has been released under GPL2. So, Blash is also under GPLv2. But, all subsequent modifications, I did, have been published under the dual license DSSL & WTFPL. All the future modifications will be released under the dual license DSSL & WTPFL and the original work in GPLv2.

Please consults Blash Licenses.


Blash is full of features, more or less

  • [x] Templates (design your templates, Blash will fill it with datas), see Template section
  • [x] MarkdownPerl is needed for this feature (all your Mardkown texts are transformed to HTML),
  • [x] Draft/Hidden, see section
  • [x] Tags (call it Tags or Categories or whatever you like)
  • [x] RSS feed (Feed valid FeedValidator)
  • [x] Atom feed (Feed valid FeedValidator)
  • [x] Easy Configuration file (easy, if you read the doc)


Blash is CLI software. This means Command Line Interface. Here are some commands available (execute blash -h to have all commands) :

  • ./blash -h : Give you the help. It's your best friend for running Blash.
  • ./blash -I : Print the configuration settings.
  • ./blash -p "title" : Create a post with the title and open your default $EDITOR (or vi).
  • ./blash -l : List all your posts with their states.
  • ./blash -b : Generate all your posts with love. Also include the content of the PUBLIC_DIR to your OUTPUT_DIR.
  • ./blash -e id : Edit your post id (using your $EDITOR (or vi)).

As this site is also built using blash, and sources provided, you could easily test it, or follow some examples.

Enhance your site

All informations related to enhancement are located in the following page : Usages and configuration.